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“Call Auto” is a online auto rikshaw booking application for kerala state. This application helps to get nearest auto rikshaw quick and easy. Application also helps get all detailsof driver, vehicle information. Call Auto app is featured with communication through calls, chat and location sharing. This application helps the riders security with travel history and without any online payment.

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    Call Auto

    Now the Autorickshaw travel booking is your finger tips. Call Auto - world is the first, easy and most efficient application for booking for Autorickshaw passengers in Kerala
    Within this app you can book your nearest [closest] Autorickshaw in seconds.

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    Safety for Women and Children

    Passengers, including women and children, can ride in any Autorickshaw all the time without fear. In emergency situations you can inform the police through the Emergency Alert Button in the app and send an alert messages to any of the ten relevant numbers.

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    More Income for Drivers

    Drivers can earn more Income to using this app. You can get more passengers in this app. Drivers can easily locate places where most of the passengers are. This app helps to communicate between drivers and passengers, and find their space.

Now the Autorickshaw travel booking is your finger tips.

Tap the app, select a driver, get to your destination without looking back. That is what our app will do. No words are necessary when you ride with us because we know exactly what you want.


Auto Driver application

“Auto Driver” application will help auto rikshaw drivers to control and accept the trips from riders online. This application helps the driver to get trips through online and communicate with call, chat and location information. Application also helps to provide history of the trips and security to riders.